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Luxurious Chain Nails

by NLS Staff | June 29, 2016
Photography by Jasen Hudson

Photography by Jasen Hudson

Lisa Nguyen (@lisan1201) of Luxe Nails in Philadelphia entered our 2015 Cover Tech Contest and was named the first runner-up. Nguyen’s ambitious design concept grabbed the attention of voters and the staff at NAILS alike. “I work well under pressure and the outcome was beautiful and so much fun to do,” she says. Nguyen shares how to get this ultra-luxe look with us here.

1. First, create a multi-strand chain by purchasing chains in various sizes and styles. Cut them accordingly then link the ends together with a ring.

2. Use clear extensions and acrylic as the foundation for the nails. Shape them stiletto/almond and create a hole with a sharp carbide drill bit at the tip area.

3. Apply a gel base and cure for 15 seconds to leave a tacky surface for the silver foil flakes. Break up the flakes and apply heavily at the cuticle area for a gradient look.

4. Add a coat of gel top coat and place clear Swarovski crystals in position with silver beads in between each crystal. Place a silver ring over the hole and cure. This is the finished look for most of the nails.

5. Open up a jump ring with clippers and insert it through the other ring and hole.

6. Connect the chain through the rings.



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