While researching something totally unrelated to the beauty industry, author, nail technician and marketing consultant, Tiffani Douglas stumbled upon an online forum where recent beauty school graduates were expressing their disappointment about the issues they faced upon graduating from beauty school, so she decided to write an unconventional guide that would give new beauty artists some “new tools” to consider as they entered the competitive world of cosmetology.

Straight Outta Beauty School – 10 Things You Need to Know and Do After You Graduate is not your typical “how to” book,” Tiffani says. “It’s a mash up of what Ihave learned personally and professionally in the beauty industry over the years,and what I’ve read and heard from new pros. It covers many subjects that all new professionals face at some point in their careers, and I want them to be prepared and think about it now. The information presented is important for new beauty professionals to know, understand, and give thought to right at the start of their careers. It’s part inspiration, part education, and part need-to-know.”

Author Tiffani Douglas

Author Tiffani Douglas

Tiffani wanted to give new professionals another point of view and examine some very real topics that are not discussed enough or in-depth with newbies. “Nobody teaches us the basic, outside the box things that really helps us get ahead,” Tiffani says, “And if we don’t have good mentors, we stumble through our careers unaware of our opportunities, unequipped to set ourselves up for success, do good business, and overcome obstacles as they occur.”

The book covers a wide variety of topics that range from the vast opportunities that exist in the beauty industry to the importance of record keeping and self education. “I wrote this book for those stylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, skin care therapists, and make up artists who are close to graduation or new to the beauty industry; as well as those who are re-entering the business after being out for awhile. I wrote it to help beauty professionals jumpstart their careers Straight Outta Beauty School when they can’t find their way or see the path to achieving their goals.

This easy read is filled with practical insight and helpful resources to help pros find direction and adopt a game plan for increasing their chances for success. Straight Outta Beauty School – 10 Things You Need to Know and Do After You Graduate is now available for purchase on Amazon. Tiffani will also launch "Straight Outta Beauty School Online," an educational community for students and newly graduated professionals.

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