Sweet Life Nail Bar & Lounge, Denver, Col.

Sweet Life Nail Bar & Lounge, Denver, Col.

Shopping List
> CND Spa Pedicure Marine Cooling Masque
> Stephenson Organic Unscented Lotion
> CND Marine Salt Scrub
> Thermal Spa lavender paraffin wax

1. Offer the client a beverage of her choice and M&Ms. Soak her feet for several minutes.
2. Clip and file the nails, and apply callus remover.
3. Perform cuticle care, and buff the nails.
4. Wipe excess callus remover off the feet with a towel and lightly file the callused areas with a foot file.

5. Massage scrub into calves and feet. Rinse and dry with a towel.

6. Apply lotion to both feet. Fill paraffin bags with two scoops of wax for each foot. Put on the foot covers. Apply masque to the legs and massage while waiting for paraffin on the feet to cool.
7. Wrap individual warm towels over the calves. Remove the booties and paraffin bag on one foot, and massage the foot for five minutes. Repeat on the other foot. Wipe the feet and calves with warm towels. Thoroughly cleanse and prep the nail beds with alcohol.

8. Apply a base coat, color, and top coat.

Price: $65

Tweak this Recipe:

Offer your client mini cupcakes and champagne, and use an alternate name such as Sweet Treat Pedicure.

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