This is an exciting time of year in the nail business as companies announce new products and services (usually just before Cosmoprof North America).  I can only imagine the intense excitement of five or six years ago when gel-polish made its debut.  The product impacted nearly every corner of the market, not only in direct sales of the product but also in LED lamps (which are quickly surpassing UV lamp usage), nail art, even removal systems. It was truly a tide that raised all boats.

So what’s next? We love thinking about that question. There’s nothing more exciting to an editor than to scoop on something really promising. Trouble is, it’s very difficult to know what is going to stick and what will fade. In this issue we are putting the spotlight on a few things we think are worth watching.

I for one am fascinated by the technology and the potential of nail printers. Starting out as a shopping mall gimmick in Japan about 15 years ago, nail printers have become very sophisticated and geared to the professional market. They offer unlimited nail designs, print all 10 nails at once, and best of all, work optimally on hands that have been professionally manicured.  They aren’t replacing hand-applied nail art, nor do I think they will ever supplant nail techs. See why this convergence of art and machine might be the new service add-on you’ve been looking for.

Acrylic dip systems are certainly not new and many techs might consider them passé — or be unaware of them. Nevertheless, several companies have introduced new systems or revamped older ones. Dip systems offer a speedier alternative to traditional acrylic and hard gel. Some of the downsides are being addressed by using different formulations or altering the application method. Changing systems is not something nail techs do lightly, but once in a while it might make sense. Dip in and learn more at here

And just for fun, make your way over to the Backside where you will find an incredible new 3-D layering technique that looks gorgeous on both the front and the back of the nail. Innovative nail art involves all kinds of mediums, the definitions of which are only limited by your imagination. Keep an open mind, keep learning, and you’ll watch your business grow.

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