The Bio Cell + Mask from Le Mieux is a freeze-dried collagen mask that is saturated with a serum designed to moisturize and brighten the skin. A cooling sensation creates immediate results, eliminating puffiness and swelling. Featuring potent peptides to decrease wrinkle depth, your clients’ skin tone will improve, with fine lines often disappearing after the initial application.


The Guac Star Soothing Hydration Mask from FarmHouse Fresh will revitalize your clients’ skin and protect against the effects of stress. This mask is packed with butter, extract, and oil from avocadoes, delivering essential fatty acids to support the outermost layer of the skin. The vitamins from the avocado naturally moisturize and nurture the skin.


Karuna’s Karma Kit comes with an assortment of facial masks to help restore vitality to your clients’ skin: the antioxidant mask, age-defying mask, exfoliating mask, and hydrating mask. Each set deep-conditions the skin to make it appear smoother and feel softer, while the pores absorb nourishing ingredients.


The Lumafirm Freeze-Dried At-Home Intensifier from Pevonia is designed to brighten and improve the texture of your clients’ skin. Featuring a combination of the skin-repairing and brightening agents sorghum and diacetyl boldine, the treatment will deliver dramatic results by tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


Fusion Express Bar and Spa Masks from Repêchage feature a collection of four aromatic flavors that provide nutritive benefit while also stimulating the senses. Along with sweet flavors like chocolate, matcha, vanilla, and mixed berry, the facial masks will leave the skin looking and feeling restored and smooth.


The nügg De-Stress Face Mask is designed to hydrate, calm, and protect stressed skin. A blend of açai berry, bilberry, and goji berry extracts and nutri-peptides helps protect the skin from environmental damage, while coconut oil, evening primrose seed oil, mushroom extract, and aloe juice calm the skin.


Florapy’s Jasmine Peppermint Mask does more than detoxify and clean your clients’ skin. The peppermint refreshes dull, tired skin and promotes circulation for younger feeling skin, while the jasmine stimulates the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. The peppermint aromatherapy will empower the user with a sense of balance and mental clarity.

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