NAILS had the opportunity of being first to explore deep space with Minx. This innovative company designed a line of Minx designs called Backside. The first collection, designed by renowned celebrity nail tech and educator Marian Newman, evokes the stars, planets, and infinite blue-black of Space. The unique properties of Backside were expertly applied and refined by nail artist Yire Castillo of San Bernardino, Calif.

Castillo, a nail tech for five years, has already made a name for himself in nail competitions and on his Instagram account @yiredelcastillo, which has nearly 500,000 followers. Castillo was drawn to working with the Minx products due in part to his background in watercolor, sketching, color theory, design, and photography. “The nail industry opens an even wider field to show my passion for the arts,” Castillo says.

The secret behind the Backsides is its layered, dimensional quality that is evident both on top of the nail and on the, yes, backside. Multiple designs are laid on top of each other, separated by a thin coat of hard gel top coat. They are designed to work together, creating a dazzling effect.

Here’s how you can get this month’s cover look:

1. Apply Minx Backside to your form of choice.

2. Apply Silver Minx to the natural nail as a base and to use as a background.

3. Trim the excess Minx with a fine file.

4. Build the extension on the nail with clear acrylic polymer for strength.

5. The Minx Backside will now be attached to the form; cut it out with scissors.

6. File the nail and buff.

7. Cleanse the nail with alcohol.

8. Apply your next Minx design as a “second” dimension.

9. Apply a thin coat of hard gel top coat.

10. If desired, add one or two additional Minx designs.

11. Finish with a thicker coat of builder gel to encase the Minx and to add depth. Apply finish top coat.

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