Put your crafting skills to the test with an out-of–the-box nail design that is perfect for the start of summer. Japanese nail tech and founder of Neiru.me Jasmine Oshima offers a tutorial for a textured geode design.

Wire frame prep: 

1. Using wire cutters and craft store gold wire (one that is easily moldable), cut a short piece of wire that is a little longer than the length of the nail.

2. Adjust the wire to desired, abstract shape. Cut off any excess wire and make sure both ends face each other so they are almost connected.

3. Place the created shape against the handle of the wire cutters to curve the wire so that it fits the curve of the nail. 

Geode nail art:

1. Prep the nail. Apply base coat gel-polish and cure. Using a generous amount of Akzéntz Bling On Gel Play, apply the gel where the wire will go. Place the wire over the gel and cure. Fill any gaps with more gel and cure.

2. Put a sheer pink gel on a palette as well as a little bit of Bling On. Add white holographic glitter and mix to create a custom color.

3. Align the custom-made gel into a straight line on a piece of plastic and cure. Remove the inhibition layer. Peel the mixture off the plastic and cut small triangle shapes. These small pieces of gel will be added to the nail to add texture and create dimension to the geode.

4. Use the leftover gel mixture to paint the nail inside the wire. Do not cure.

5. Place the cut pieces of gel inside the wire over the uncured gel. Once you’ve reached desired placement, cure.

6. Create a custom mix of clear gel and holographic glitter on a palette. Apply the custom glitter gel over the pink gel pieces to add shine.

7. Decorate the nail with gold embellishments and foil as desired.

8. Cover the entire nail with a no-wipe gel top coat. If there are any pointed ends, gently smooth them out with a buffer. Remove any dust and reapply the clear gel.

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