Former Next Top Nail Artist contestant Szilvia Egerszegi (@nailartinlondon) is known for her handpainted nail art designs. Though she prefers to work with acrylic paints and gel-polishes, she recently went outside her comfort zone by experimenting with airbrushing techniques. “I was always curious about working with an airbrush but I never had the chance to try it until now,” she says.

To get this look, Egerszegi used the Sparmax Mini Compressor and Sparmax Max 4 airbrush to apply a black base color and used a lace stencil to create a soft faded background. She topped the ombre with one stroke, handpainted flowers using acrylic paint. “You can create stunning faded effects very quickly. Simply do the base nail (using gel, gel-polish, acrylic, etc.), wipe off the sticky layer, buff the surface gently, remove the dust, and you can create nice ombre nails with an airbrush machine,” she says. “You can combine techniques as well. For example, I really like a soft faded base or lace design with a handpainted design on top.” For more information about the airbrush system used, visit

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