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Top-Notch Education at Premiere Orlando 2016

by Tracy Rubert | April 20, 2016

Instructors and students, boost your knowledge and skills with classes especially for you at Premiere Orlando, June 4-6, 2016 at the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Continuing education classes taught by industry experts will help instructors take their teaching to a new level and help students launch their careers with confidence. Check out a few highlights below, and click here for the full schedule.


High Impact Learning: Be the Coach, featuring Carol Woodard

As an instructor, it’s time to take your already successful teaching techniques to the next level! Discover when to coach the adult learner, when to send them back into the game, and most important, when and how to celebrate the success of your students.

Bring New Opportunities to Your Students Through New Materials. Featuring Nailcare Academy, LLC/Stephanie Allen

Upgrade your nail department to be the most respected in your area and teach your students to the highest level of professionalism with these new materials! Ms. Allen is proud to tell you how her school’s students became the most sought after nail graduates in in the region and how they became high level professionals who represent their school and profession with pride.


Mr. Stateboard, featuring Thomas James

Are you worried about passing your State Board Exam? Thomas will show you why there is no need to fear the exams no matter if your test is next week, next month, or next year!

Student attendance is encouraged in every class offered at Premiere Orlando.

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The staff at the Polish Room in Orlando, Fla., keeps backgrounds handy for post-mani photos.


Create a Setup for Social Media Pics

by Staff

“Update your salon interior to have a cute place to take pictures — even a small corner will do,” says Stephanie Mitchell, the owner of beauty business specialist Sunnystorm Marketing.

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In our video section, watch salon professionals in action, listen to the advice of salon business experts, and tour inside the world’s top salons.

On the Road: Wildflowers


On the Road: Wildflowers

by Staff

Lauren Wireman takes us on a tour of her nail academy and connected shop, where she packs glitter, chrome, and other nail art accessories and products to ship out to nail lovers everywhere.

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