When it comes to great food, presentation is nearly as important as flavor. To properly execute nail art inspired by things we eat, it’s got to look good. “I’m drawn to food nails because it’s a weirdly unique challenge. I’m always trying to make ’em cute,” says nail tech Sarah Kane of Finger Bang in Portland, Ore. “It helps that Portland is very into food so my clients help inspire lots of new ideas.” Follow these steps to see how Kane used indie vegan polish brand Palate Polish to execute an avocado design, using polish colors with food-inspired names.

1. Start with a white polish for the base color. Allow to dry.

2. Use black polish and a liner brush to paint a soft pear shape in the center of the nail. Add a wide C to the base of the shape.

3. Outline the inside of the larger shape with a lime green color. Kane used Palate Polish in Nopales (edible cactus).

4. Fill in the bottom section with a dark teal color. Kane used Palate Polish in Nori (seadweed).

5. Fill in the final section with a medium green. Kane used Palate Polish in Avocado.

6. Paint a dot with a brown color for the pit. Kane used Palate Polish in Black Coffee. Once the design is completely dry, add top coat to seal the tasty-looking design.

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