We’ve seen water-based, kid-friendly polishes before. But Kid Licks kicks this concept up a notch with its edible polishes made entirely of organic fruits, vegetables, and plants. Husband and wife team Josh Kroot and Audrey Amara formulated this ultra-gentle nail polish when their independent daughter asked to start painting her nails by herself. 

According to the company,  Kid Licks dries to the touch in about five minutes — less if you use a hair dryer — but it takes several hours to fully cure, so they recommend applying it at bedtime. The polish can be removed with water — though some scrubbing is required — so kids can manage it on their own. The line currently offers three colors: Barley Grass Green, Beet Red, and Sour Carrot Orange. Ingredients include a base of organic acacia, corn starch, and citric acid, with vegetable-based colorants. Kid Licks should be refrigerated after opening since it is preservative-free; it will last about two months in the refrigerator.

For more information, go to www.kidlicks.com.

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