When Hamilton, Mont.-based nail tech Thereasa Rinehart got an email saying she had won a pedicure spa from Continuum, she assumed it was a hoax. Even when she learned it was true, she had a hard time taking it in. “I thought, ‘I never win anything. This has to be wrong,’” she says.

As the winner of NAILS’ Giveaway Until the Ball Drops grand prize, Rinehart received a Simplicity LE (Luxury Edition) Pedicure Spa and Technician’s Chair from Continuum Pedicure Spas valued at $3,550.

Rinehart came to the nail industry after many years in the medical field. “This is the career I have always wanted. My first career and its benefits were the responsible thing to do for my family, but now this is what I needed to do for me,” she says. In February, she opened her salon, Heavenly Sets & Boutique, and the pedicure chair couldn’t have been a more welcome addition. In fact, she’d been eyeing it online for months, but couldn’t afford it. Now, thanks to Continuum, she and her clients can enjoy her good fortune for years to come.

For more information, go to www.mycontinuumpedicure.com.

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