Cat got your polish

Via  Julep

Via Julep

These cat-topped polishes come in four personality profiles: Asleep, Glamourpuss, So Hungry, and Psycho Kitty, complete with catnip!

The grass is always greener

Via  Zoya

Via Zoya

Via  The Plastic Diaries
Via  The Plastic Diaries

Back in 2013 Zoya tried to sell us on this new polish that helps your nails...grow.

Nail art of mythical proportions

In 2014 unicorns took over in the form of a photo gallery, videos, social media backgrounds, and even a nail art challenge. Turns out the joke was on us, as unicorn nails have become an actual thing.

We mustache you about this polish

Via  Salon Fanatic

Months before Movember, Ciate introduced a men's-only line of polish consisting of three colors: Top Hat and Tails, Smoking Jacket, and Lord of the Manner. Again, the British brand was ahead of its time, as now men's polish and male-specific services are the norm.

Thinking outside the box

via  Salon Fanatic


Zoya got us again in 2014 when subscription boxes first became all the rage. The (My)Box Pet Box came with the option of dog, cat, rock, bird, rescue farm animals, fish, Tamagotchi, reptile, Chia Pet, and dinosaur.

Leave it to Lexor

The footspa company debuted the Destruktorr in 2013, complete with auto laser beam.

Good posture is everything

The angry ostrich

The angry ostrich

Before you post those nails to social media, consider one of these hand poses. There's a video tutorial as well.

What's your favorite nail-related April Fool's Day prank? Tell us in the comments below.

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