Salon consultant Neil Ducoff has something to say to those nail techs who raise their prices, then let certain clients slide on the increase: Get a new backbone. On his blog, the Strategies founder acknowledges that many techs are reluctant to enforce a price increase among loyal clients — especially those they’re close to. “This is pure insanity and a 100% compromise of your business,” says Ducoff. “If you and your employees are true professionals and respect the value of your skills, experience, and quality of work, then why are certain clients given the ‘you don’t have to pay the price increase’ card?”

The solution? A dose of reality followed by a dose of tough love. “Clients are not friends. They buy your time to receive services. When the value of your time and cost of business increases, you raise prices and they pay the increase that all other clients are required to pay,” he says. “If a client doesn’t want to pay your rate, he or she is not a good client.”

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