Karalee Chabot

Karalee Chabot

Nashua, N.H.-based nail tech Karalee Chabot loves to do hand-painted nail designs — portraits in particular. Chabot’s dream is to became a celebrity nail tech and work for artists like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Rhianna. Below she shares photos of a meaningful person, place, and thing at work.




Person: My daughter is the reason I strive for success. Seeing her proud of me is more rewarding than anything. I might add that she is extremely proud of my accomplishments thus far.

Place: This display of my growing Morgan Taylor nail lacquer collection is my pride and joy. I absolutely love their products and take pride in collecting them.

Thing: A cheap, pink, worn-out nail art brush from eBay is my all-time favorite implement. This brush helped me get into the NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Top 18 in 2015.

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