Gel II presents The Steam Remover, a more effective and time- efficient way to remove gel-polish. In a matter of minutes, the machine will warm up a remover solution and create steam that will break down gel-polish, eliminating the need for foil wraps and cotton while promoting healthy nails.

1. Buff the nails to remove the top coat before using the steamer.

2. Remove the finger covers to fill the containers. Fill each container with Gentle Soak slightly above the 5 ml line. Place the finger covers back onto the steamer and lock into place.

3. If using one side of the steamer, flip the switch to “I”. If using both sides of the steamer flip the switch to “II”. To turn off the steamer, make sure the switch is in the middle. The light on the front of the steamer will be lit to “H” (heating). Once the light moves to “S” (soak) the steamer is ready to use. The steamer will also beep to indicate it’s ready for soaking.

4. Clients should place their fingers into the finger holes and then curl their fingertips so that the steam hits the entire nail surface.

5. After five minutes the steamer will beep, letting you know you’re halfway through the steam-off process. The steamer will beep a second time indicating the 10 minutes is up.

6. After 10 minutes, check the nails to see if the product has steamed off. Use a Gel II cuticle pusher to remove any product left on the nails. Do not force the product off. If the product is not easily coming off, repeat steps 4 and 5 to steam longer.

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