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3 Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art Projects for Students

by Tracy Rubert | January 26, 2016

Valentine Stitch Hearts

Talia Scherer, Sculpted Gel Nails by Talia, Alberta, Canada

Talia Scherer, Sculpted Gel Nails by Talia, Alberta, Canada

1. Apply two coats of nude gel-polish color to the nail and cure.

2. Make vertical dashed lines down the nail in a rose-pink, water-based paint.

3. Paint hearts in three different areas of the nails with light pink paint.

4. Outline the hearts with black paint. Add short lines to the edges of the hearts to form the stitches. Once dry, add gel top gloss.

Kiss the Stripes

Elsbeth Schuetz, Orange, Calif.

Elsbeth Schuetz, Orange, Calif.

1. Apply mint green, then white polish diagonally on the nail plate.

2. While white polish is still wet, create a wavy line with a small dotting tool and white polish

3. Dip a striper brush into white polish and create white lines over the mint green polish. Dip a short brush into pink polish and create some kissable lips.

Pink Sweethearts

Zitian Zhang, NYCT Nails Inc., New York

Zitian Zhang, NYCT Nails Inc., New York

1. Apply a base coat and two coats of medium pink gel-polish, curing between coats.

2. Using a detail brush, paint three hearts and cheetah spots in a pink color a shade or two lighter than the base color.

3. Outline the hearts and spots with a dark pink gel-polish, and add a few extra dots of dark pink, and cure. Finish with a clear top coat, and cure.

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