All I can say is wow! Cool, but what a mess. I would never want to go anywhere and pay for someone to spray that polish on my nails. It does not look like a professional product or a product anyone would want to pay for at a salon. It would be great for home use and for young girls to use.
Kristi Spencer, Bentley Salon, Moline, Ill.

I haven’t tried spray-on polish, but it sounded like a really cool idea until I saw it demonstrated. It seems messy, wasteful, and more tedious than regular polish. It’s a fun idea but I don’t think it’ll revolutionize nail polish because it looks like it’s actually more work. Can you imagine all those little silver finger prints everywhere?
Crystal Clark, Nail Yeah!, Raleigh, N.C

Spray-on polish reminds me of something pitched on an episode of Shark Tank and soon to be sold on QVC. This is not something I am excited about, but it’s a great lesson for consumers: They’ll try it and come back to nail professionals. As far as application is concerned — what a mess! I can see how consumers will think that it will be a fast and easy application because they can just wash off the additional “finger paint.” However, most people don’t polish nails like a professional, and their base coat will be all over their cuticles. Chances are clean-up will not be easy: Scrubbing it off your skin, not to mention your dining room table, clothes, etc. looks like a chore. I question what exactly is in this spray can of polish: Is this something we want to breathe in? I can’t say this is one product I am psyched about. I’ll pass!
Sheera Gersh, Addicted to Nails, Tempe, Ariz.

Wow! Cool idea. I have some experience using an airbrush, and have even tried alcohol inks in my airbrush. There might be some pros to this spray paint. It seems fun. I have a few clients who would think this is really groovy. It would be quick! One coat sounds good to me. If you have multiple colors you could create a speedy ombre, you could use it with stencils, and it would be less hassle than an airbrush. My concerns are fumes, the mess, and the (so far) limited palette. It worries me that it was put on the market with only two colors available, as it makes me think it’s not been tested thoroughly. I also would be concerned about using it on clients with less-than-stellar skin, cuts, or sensitivity. I also wonder if the spray nozzle would clog like regular spray paint.    

Lisa Bennett, Unique Hair Design and Day Spa, Bakersfield, Calif.

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