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10 Shimmering New Year’s Eve Nails for the Confetti Connoisseur

by Sigourney Nuñez | December 28, 2015


1. A multicolored, multifaceted mani

Twinkle twinkle!!! ✨✨✨✨ #wildflowersglitters #newyearsnails #christmasnails

A photo posted by Lauren Wireman (@wildflowersnails) on

A fun and fabulous pop of color for the life of the party. 

2. Traditional black and gold

New Years nails

A photo posted by Mimi (@nailsbymimai) on

At the stroke of midnight, no one will dim your sparkle.


3. Enter 2016 with a glistening galactic look

Sandwich a layer of soft glitter in between muted rainbow shades for an out-of-this-year design. 


4.  Swarovski crystals over a shimmer base

Shine bright all night. 


5. Metallic moonicure


New Year's nails by @misspopnails (starring tiny Ryan Seacrest) 🍾

A photo posted by Michelle Lee (@heymichellelee) on

Reminiscent of the famous Times Square ball drop, complete with a tiny Ryan Seacrest.

6.  For a magical midnight mood

Acrylic color effect

A photo posted by Tony's Nails (@tonysnail) on

Encase glitter over an acrylic water marble for a marvelously mysterious effect.


7. Get tip-sy off champagne

Let the color do the talking. 


8. Finish the year with nails you can reflect on

Love these holiday nails by @timetoplayy for @jasminechang089 😍😍💎💎 #Notd

A photo posted by The House of Polish (@thehouseofpolish) on

And remember the year's trendiest nail looks


9. Stamp the streamers

Get the most mileage out of your party-ready glitter mani by adding a confetti stamp. 


10. Encapsulate the essentials

celebrations for @heatherleelee 💅✨🎉🎊😘

A photo posted by SO HOT RIGHT NAIL (@sohotrightnail) on

And make sure you get caught in the falling confetti. Happy New Year! 

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