Used to arrange and mix your paints, a palette is a perfect tool for nail art. What once was a board with a hole for the thumb is now a petite version to fit the needs of a nail tech without disrupting workflow.  Here’s what we found. 

The Palette Ring from Daily Charme is a miniature palette you can wear on your finger to mix nail polish, gel, or paint while creating nail art. The tool features small indentations to help keep liquid pigments contained and is made out of 18K white gold so it can be cleaned with acetone without deterioration.

Empower Nail Art’s Ring Thing allows you to hold and mix your choice of polish, gel-polish, gels, and paint. The nail art tool features a special mold that can be used to create custom-made cabochons. You can also use it to train and align striping brush hairs for perfecting any detailed work.

HRing, a stylish nail art palette by Colombian nail artist Heidy Artistizabal (also known as H la Cosedora), is connected to an adjustable ring that allows the user to wear it on whatever finger is most comfortable for her work style. The palette has eight indentations enabling techs to work with precision, load their brush perfectly, and align brush hairs.

Made out of stainless steel, La Vaque Professional’s Thumb Palette features a rectangular plate that is connected to an adjustable ring for a custom fit. This tool is a hands-free palette that is easy to clean and can be used to create custom colors by mixing pigments and glitters.

For the crafty nail tech, find out how you can make your own palette, click here.

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