The Bestie app for the iPad is a free booking and POS system designed specifically for small salons and booth renters. The app allows users to book appointments with ease and see side-by-side views of monthly, weekly, and daily schedules for multiple employees. Bestie dramatically reduces no-shows by sending clients automatic appointment reminders via email and text message. Seamless sales processing means clients can check out with cash or a credit card and receive receipts by email.

Other user-friendly features include:

> Easy appointment management: Organize and assign your salon services without any hassles. Bestie’s intuitive design lets you double-book appointments easily.

> Convenient for stylists and managers: Clearly view daily/monthly commissions while processing retail sales, keeping track of inventory, and viewing which services are most popular on a given day, week, or month.

> Track employee and customer histories: Save your clients’ information to view the services they’ve purchased in the past while keeping track of your employees’ service and retail sales.

> Business analytics: Keep track of business with easily navigable sales reports. View and search salon sales by employee, client, or menu item.

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