My resolution for 2016 is to begin traveling more as an educator and to be more involved with shows. I became a Hand and Nail Harmony representative in 2012 and I am absolutely in love with my company. Another goal of mine is to take part in more continued education to benefit myself and my clients. I plan to start having regularly scheduled lessons for upcoming nail technicians in the area and ultimately to own my own nail technology school.
Kate Chitwood, Kate Nails It, Albany, Ore.

Due to illness and personal setbacks, I’ve been away from doing nails for three years. The year 2016 marks 25 years of my passion for nail lacquer and Swarovski. My resolution is to remember that every day is a new day to learn something different to love about my first love: nails. I’m going to learn new trends, new techniques, and make new connections on social media. I also plan to get back into the business of doing more networking events, workshops, and classes so I don’t get caught up in the mentality that because I’ve been at this for a quarter century that I know it all; there’s so much more to do! Bring it, 2016 — I’m ready baby!!
Katinna Hill, Fabulous Fingers and Toes, Baltimore, Md.

My 2016 New Year’s resolution is an easy decision for me, but not so easy to accomplish. In 2014 I became a Level 1 educator with Artistic Nail Design. Leading up to Level 2 training in October of 2014, I’ve never studied or worked so hard to prepare myself for this testing. Artistic has such an intensive training and testing procedure, and I had poured my heart and soul into preparing for this trip. About 36 hours before I was to fly out, I was hospitalized for an emergency appendectomy. Needless to say, I didn’t make the trip. Fast forward to September of 2015, the same Level 2 training fell on the weekend of my only child’s wedding.  Some people ask why I want to go through with it, since it would seem like it’s not meant to be. I want it all the more now, given I’ve had some major obstacles and events.  I know I am meant to be an educator. Everything happens for a reason, I believe. I see the bigger picture, and I just have to make it happen in 2016.
Jennie Sukovaty, Nails By Jen, Columbus, Neb.

The biggest goal for 2016 will be to re-launch myself as a nail tech full time again. After having to step back from my career due to health issues  the last five months , I’ve struggled with the decision to continue or not. That is clearly just the funk of not doing nails talking, as this is the career I chose to pursue and love. Why wouldn’t I fight to make a comeback?  It’s daunting to press the reset button on everything, mainly clients. Luckily, I got great advice and found some inspiring videos with good pointers from veteran techs who have re-launched themselves numerous times until they were happy with what they had. I’m excited for what this new year will hold for me and to be able to do things differently in my career this time around!
Cynthia McKenzie-Cook, Modish Nails by Cynthia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

My New Year’s resolutions are to stay dedicated to the nail pro in all I do with Famous Names, to get involved with a local charity that intrigues me (Opportunity Village), and to be a better listener — something I think is super important in life!
Linda Nordstrom, IBX and Famous Names, Las Vegas

My ambitions and intentions for 2016 are bold. I plan to purchase property and start a complete build out for my own salon and possible school. My current lease ends March of 2017 and I envision myself transitioning nicely into my new space. I’d like to increase my income by investigating other possible lines of revenue and investing in building my brand. 2016 is my year to kick into high gear.
Rachel Waggoner, Dazzlin’ Digits, Lakewood, Colo.

My New Year's resolutions for 2016 are to up my game — an all-around improvement. I intend to see how I can upscale my salon both with services and infrastructure. I also plan to get more nail technology education (because you can never know everything) and even try my hand at the international competitions.
Kandis jacob-Alexander, Kandis Beyond Basics Nail Spa, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

My New Year's resolution is to obtain a new place to open my business. I have been waiting over a decade to make this dream a reality. After all of the years of hard work and sacrifice, I am mentally and physically ready to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit and manifest it. My journey has been a long one, but I believe that with all of the lessons I’ve learned along the way, it is now my turn to showcase all of my talents to ensure that I am successful as a business owner. I am eagerly looking forward to 2016 and the possibilities it presents for me and my business.
Karla Rochelle, Pampered Hands and Feet, Chicago

My 2016 resolution is to finally open a storefront nail salon. There is a business plan that needs to be completed, potential store names to be considered, and salon design to be finished. There so much paperwork behind the dream — it's crazy! I’ve got to do whatever it takes to chase my dream. I’m hoping to open the salon no later than summer 2016.
Eva Jenkins, Extraordinary nails by Eva, Bellevue, Nebraska

In the last five years as a nail designer, I have hustled every day, worked hard, filled my books, and kept a steady clientele of great ladies and gentlemen. I have also had some fantastic opportunities. I've had my nail designs, my business, and myself published in NAILS and Nail Art Gallery magazine several times this past year thanks to Sigourney Nunez who first saw my work on Instagram and asked me to submit a design for a feature. Needless to say, I was more than flattered. I've contributed several times since last December, and I'm currently working on three more upcoming features for NAILS. It keeps me busy and pushes me to raise my bar with each new challenge, and I love it. So, my plan for 2016 is to be a regular contributor to NAILS, but my ultimate goal is to eventually see one of my designs land the cover. In addition, I plan to stay current on the latest trends and to continue educating myself with new products and techniques that wow my clients and keep my business strong and successful.
Susan Carlile, Raw Earth Natural Nail Spa, Roseburg, Oregon

[Editor’s note: Susan, be sure to enter NAILS Cover Tech contest by October 1, 2016 for the chance to have your creation on the January 2017 NAILS cover!]

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