Voesh Mani in a Box – The Spa Manicure Collection offers 3 packages pre-measured to provide a waterless manicure. Sugar Scrub, Mud Masque, and Massage Lotion. Pedi in a Box also available. www.voesh.com


Bodipure Keratin Gloves and Socks – disposable gloves and socks are placed on the client, providing a moisturizing treatment without using water. A gentle push exposes the tips of the fingers and toes while the keratin solution continues to treat the skin. www.bodipure.com


FootsieBath Foot Spa – a line of mobile and lightweight tubs, sturdy, disposable tub liners, and a FootsieBath carrier tray to carry full bath liners between pedicure station and sink. www.footsiebath.com


The Glove for the Artist – wearing gloves enhances the protection of both nail tech and client. The Glove for the Artist has indigo blue nitrile disposable gloves with the nail salon in mind. Comfortable fit, designed for prolonged use. www.theglove4theartist.com


Belava – Belava’s line of disposable liners covers both pedicure tubs and manicure bowls (their own manicure bowl fits the liners and also has a metal stand). www.belava.com


Spa Revolutions – PerfectSense Paraffin treatments offer single-use paraffin treatments by embedding the paraffin wax within the disposable glove or slipper. The paraffin is also self-heating, using natural minerals activated by salt water. www.sparevolutions.com

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