Simply Your Spa, Charleston, S.C.

Simply Your Spa, Charleston, S.C.

Shopping List
o Keyano Cranberry Mineral Bath
o Keyano Cranberry Scrub
o Keyano Cranberry Butter Cream mixed with a small amount of Keyano Cranberry Massage oil
o Keyano Cranberry Moisture Mask
o OPI Bondaid
o Base coat, polish, and top coat
o CND Solar Speed Spray

1. Soak the client’s feet in a basin of warm water and Cranberry Mineral Bath.

2. Remove the client’s feet from the bath one at a time, and clip and file the nails.

3. Apply cuticle remover, then use a foot file on the heels and along the bottom of the foot to smooth calluses. If the heels are in rough shape, apply callus remover to the callused area and let it penetrate for 2-4 minutes. Push back the cuticles, nip, and buff.

4. Apply Cranberry Scrub to feet, ankles, and lower calves, and scrub gently. Place the feet in the basin and rinse. Make sure to rinse off the callus remover very well, and towel dry completely.

5. Massage the feet and lower legs with the Cranberry Butter Cream and Cranberry
Massage Oil mixture for 6-8 minutes. When finished, have client bend knee to a comfortable position and bring other foot out of the water.

6. Apply Cranberry Moisture Mask to both feet. Place paraffin bags on the client’s feet, and let sit for 3-6 minutes. Use hot towels to remove the product, and clean any oily residue from the nails.

7. Place toe separators on the client’s feet along with sandals or disposable flip-flops. Apply Bondaid, base coat, polish color, and topcoat. Spray with Solar Speed Spray.

Price: $55

Tweak this Recipe: Use an alternate name, such as Cozy Cranberry Pedicure. Offer the client a cool cranberry spritzer or a mug of hot cranberry cider.

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