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Founder of Footlogix to Speak July 25

by Tracy Rubert | July 21, 2015
Katharin von Gavel

Katharin von Gavel

Katharin von Gavel, founder and CEO of Footlogix, will speak at the Career Educators Alliance (CEA) Annual Convention and Expo to be held July 24-27, 2015. The talk is open to all attendees and will take place on Saturday, July 25, at 3:15. The topic of von Gavel’s discussion is Transformational Pedicuring for the 21st Century. She will explore why recent trends in lifestyle changes are necessitating new practices in pedicuring and the need for cosmeceuticals and pediceuticals in foot care. She will address the reasons why old pedicure curriculums are insufficient to resolve, adequately address, or correctly identify client issues of today. Attendees will learn new ways to educate their students in preventive skin care management by understanding the “Grey Zone” in pedicuring, becoming more pro-active instead of re-active, and learning the newest and best ways to provide safe and effective pedicure services.

Von Gavel  has studied dermatology and paramedical esthetics in Europe, holds degrees in podology, chiropody and pedorthics, and is a Certified Master Pedicurist. As well as teaching advanced foot care for over 20 years across North America, Ms. von Gavel owned and operated Medi-Spa clinics for more than two decades.

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 For more information on the CEA Annual Convention and Expo, click here.

For more information about your career in nails, check out NAILS Career Handbook.

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