These reusable Finger Mates caps from Star Pro comfortably and securely hold pads in place to allow clients to move freely during the soak-off process. The caps completely cover and protect the acetone-filled pad from exposure to the air. This helps eliminate premature evaporation and prevents the need to reapply acetone and soak longer. The caps also retain body heat, which can help speed up the removal time.

Follow these steps to see how you can easily remove gel, gel-polish, glitter, and regular polish with this soak-off system.  

1. Saturate the removal soak-off foam pad with two pumps of acetone or soak-off solution.

2. Place the pad into the rubber cap.

3. Place the cap over the fingernail, making sure the foam is covering the entire nail in order to soak off gel, gel-polish, glitter, and regular polish. Let it soak for eight to 10 minutes.

4. Carefully remove the rubber cap while keeping the saturated foam over the nail plate. 

5. Use the foam pad to remove any excess product left behind and notice minimal scraping is required.

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