The Tat’z Nail’z machine is a high tech nail art image printer that can print designs onto virtually any prepped nail surface. The unit prints one of thousands of preloaded designs or it can take a photo with its built-in camera. The unit also has a touch screen for easy selection or importing your own images via USB drive. The Tat’z Nail’z system closely follows your regular manicure procedures. Only a few short steps between your color and top coat are needed for a high quality fully customizable design. Follow these steps to see how technology is transforming fashionable talons.  

1. Base gel and two coats of color have already been applied and cured prior to starting your Tat’z Image.  Add an additional base coat over your color for proper adhesion of additional layers.

2. Apply the patented #2 Pre-Print coat over the base gel you applied to the color. Pro tip: Make sure no product is touching the skin.

3. Allow Pre-Print coat to dry while adding Tat’z finger protector. A soft flexible nail form is applied around the nail to avoid clean-up of the non-toxic ink, should overspray occur.

4. Select your Tat’z Image and insert your client’s finger into the machine. 

5. Select the printer screen and size the Tat’z image to fit the nail plate using the arrow keys.

6. Press OK to print. Designs take only seconds to complete a touchless, fast, and beautiful Tat ’z image.

7.  With a manicure (or cosmetic) cotton swab, cleanse around the image with your favorite nail-prep to ensure no product residue is along the cuticle, sidewalls, or free edge. This step is very important to create a proper seal all the way around your image.

8. A base coat and final top coat are added over the image for durability and shine. Embellish nails with your own artistic flair and watch your client shine.

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