Danielle Costantino (@nailsbydanielle) of Gel Essentialz in Cranston, R.I., shows how to make this white rose nail art.

1. Paint the nail with two coats of white gel-polish, curing in between each layer.

2. Using a striper brush, add random lines in gold and silver gel. Make sure the lines are all going in one direction. Cure the lines and add top gloss over the entire nail.

3 After curing the top gloss, lay down the base for your rose. Place a bead of white acrylic on a non-sticky nail. Poke a hole in the center of the bead. Using the flat side of your brush, push out from the center of the bead. Do this around the entire bead. 

4. Add another bead of acrylic in the center of your rose base. Using the same technique as step 3, spead out your second layer. Be careful to use smaller beads with each layer.  You don't want to completely cover the previous layer. 

5. I usually add four layers to my rose and place a small bead in the center to add a crystal or pearl. When the acrylic hardens you are finished.

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