Danielle Costantino (@nailsbydanielle) of Gel Essentialz in Cranston, R.I., shows how she made these bejeweled sparklers.

1. Paint the nail with two coats of white gel-polish and cure. 

2. Apply a thin layer or top gloss, and leave it wet. Add a few drops of gel-polish in silver.

3. Using a striper brush, marble the silver polish through the clear gloss. When you achieve a look you are happy with, cure the nail.

4. Apply another coat of top gloss and add your stones, pearls, and studs right into the wet gloss. After your stones are arranged, cure the nail. Using a tiny brush, add small beads of top gloss gel in between each embellishment. Be careful not to coat the stones.  It takes away from the crystals facets. Cure the nail.