Mind, Body, and Sole Organic Pedicure. Raw Earth Spa, Roseburg, Ore.

Mind, Body, and Sole Organic Pedicure. Raw Earth Spa, Roseburg, Ore.

Shopping List:
o Lemati Herbals Soaking Crystals, Cleansing Crystals, Pedi Serum, and Jazzy Wood Foot Magic
o Raw Earth Spa 100% Organic Lavender Body Spray
o Zoya base coat, polish, and top coat

1. Invite the client into her own private room with warmed essential oils for aromatherapy, soothing spa music, and a cup of herbal tea. Soak the client’s feet in a warm foot bath using Lemati Herbals Soaking Crystals.

2. Clean and exfoliate the feet using Lemati Herbals Cleansing Crystals, and then wrap them with towels. Transfer the client to a heated bed and allow her to recline for the remainder of her pedicure.
3. Remove any old polish, trim and file the nails, and apply cuticle remover. Provide the client with a cool gel therapy eye mask, and wrap each foot with a hot steamed towel.  

4. Unwrap one foot at a time, wiping away cuticle remover, and trim the cuticle if necessary. Dim the lights and begin a seven to eight minute reflexology massage on the calf, ankle, and foot using Lemati Herbals Pedi Serum. Repeat on the other foot.
5. Apply Lemati Herbals Jazzy Wood Foot Magic to the calves, ankles, and feet to moisturize. Remove excess oils and creams from the toenails with polish remover.

6.  Apply a base coat, two coats of polish, and a top coat. Spritz feet and legs with lavender body spray, and dust the feet lightly with glitter.

Price: $40

Tweak this Recipe:
Use an alternate name such as Inner Peace Spa Pedicure, add dried lavender to the pedicure tub, and offer a heated lavender neck wrap in lieu of the heated bed.

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