Artistic Nail design's Hardcore Building Gels allow you to create a strong extension without acrylic or nail tips. 

1. Following Rock Hard Nails' preparation, choose Groupie or Pink Rocker brush-on gel and apply to the entire nail and free edge being careful not to touch the skin. Cure for 30 seconds in an LED light for two minutes in a UV lamp. 

2. With an oval gel brush, place a medium bead of pink in the apex area. Gently guide the product toward the cuticle keeping the area thin. Leave a ledge of pink so the white can later lie up against it to create the smile line. Flash cure for 10 seconds in an LED light or 30 seconds in a UV lamp. Gently press in the sidewalls to create the C-curve. 

3. Place a peasize bead of white on the form without touching the pink. Gently guide the white up to the pink and down the form to the desired length. Wipe the brush clean and refine the smile line and free edge shape. Flash cure.

4. Carefully remove the Get Bent nail form. Hold the C-curve for 5 seconds. 

5. Use the C-curve stick under the free edge and gently press in the sidewalls. Cure for 20 seconds with an LED light or 90 seconds in a UV lamp. Add more white if you need to level out the extension surface or create a consistent color. Cure. 

6. Place a medium-sized bead of clear at the apex and roll off the brush pulling the gel toward the free edge. Leave the bulk of the product in the apex area. Gently guide the product toward the cuticle, sidewalls, and free edge. Cure. Gently press in the sidewalls to create the C-curve.

7. Repeat step 7 until desired structure of nail is achieved and the extension is strong enough to not bend. Use a lint-free wipe soaked in Nail Surface Clenaser to clean the inhibition layer. Lay the wipe over the nail and lock in the C-curve by gently holding the sidewalls for five seconds. 

8. Refine the gel application by filing to the appropriate thickness. 

To see the demo in action, check out our video. Head over to Artistic Nail Design for more information and tips!

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