Amore’s Ultima Gel is a way to build extensions to rehabilitate nail biters. The gel cures fully in 20 seconds and can be applied to the free edge of the nail creating a thin nail extension. Pinching nails can be damaging to the natural nails so it is important to be in full control when you are trying this technique. To help nail biters quit the habit, follow these steps. 

1. Prep the nails and push back the eponychium to expose as much nail plate as possible.

2. Apply the forms one at a time. It is OK to not have the form fully under the nail plate. Sometimes it is impossible to do so with a bitten nail and you may have to apply the form so the gel is applied directly on the flesh.

3. Apply the bonder to the free edge of the nail, no need to apply the bonder down the whole plate at this time. Make sure to apply it thicker than normal — the goal is to create the thickness of a natural, healthy nail. Freeze cure in the UV light for five to eight seconds.

4. Remove the form right away and look down the barrel while you are pinching, creating a deep C-curve. You will be pinching the free edge of the nail only, not the nail bed. While the gel is curing and the exothermic effect is taking place, you can manipulate the gel. Creating this deep C-curve adds strength and will give the best chance of the nails being rehabilitated. Repeat steps three and four on all the nails.

5. When all of the free edges are done, cure for 20 seconds under UV. Remove dispersion layer, and buff and shape the nails.

6. Blend the gel to the natural nail and create a perfect free edge.

7. Now you’re free to start the nail service. Apply bonder to the whole nail plate and cure for 20 seconds. Apply a color of choice to the free edge and freeze cure. Apply pink builder gel around the eponychium area and cure. Continue sculpting the gel to create the apex. 

8. Carefully buff, shape, add art, and top coat.  Finish with cuticle oil on the skin around the nails.

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