This design was created by Atlanta-based nail tech Tashina Green (@poochieznails) using angel hair string she purchased for her online nail art supply store called The Nail Art Boutique. When it comes to creating looks with new techniques, Green encourages other nail techs to have fun and trust your gut. “We set the trends and confidence is a must,” she says. “If you’re confident in yourself your clients will trust you and whatever it is you create on them. Never be afraid.”
Follow these steps to learn how to encapsulate angel hair for a fresh take on the French look.

1. Glue on a clear tip. Shape the tip to a preferred shape and create the smile line by using a light pink acrylic of your choice. Allow to dry.

2. Glue angel hair to the free edge piece by piece. Allow to dry.

3. Add a second layer of angel hair to make the free edge look as full as you want.

4. Add raw glitter by mixing it with clear acrylic around the smile line, gently brush it down to make it blend in with the angel hair. Let it dry.

5. Apply clear acrylic and glitter on top of the angel hair. Let it dry.

6. Enhance the shape and take off any excess product by using an e-file or nail file. Buff the nail and clean it off. Add a layer of gel-polish top coat and cure.

7. Outline the smile line with small white dots.

8. Add an embellishment for extra shine.

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