CND’s Garden Muse Collection is made up of bold colors that transcend passion and represent the strength of a women’s beauty. Follow these steps to create a textured floral design with a netting underlay using the new set.

1. Mix three parts Brisa Sculpting Gel Clear and one part Additives Hummingbird and apply a thin layer over a Brisa Gel Enhancement. Do not cure. 

2. Dip a Gel Flat Oval Brush in 99% isopropyl alcohol and pick up Additives Hydrangea Bloom to form a paste.  Brush onto netting. Wrap netting around finger and secure with a craft glue dot. Lock gel for 10 seconds in the CND UV Lamp. Gently remove netting. Cure for two minutes.

3. Seal pattern with a thin layer of Brisa Clear Sculpting Gel. Cure for two minutes. Refine with CND files and buffers and apply a thin layer of Brisa Gloss. Cure for two minutes.

4. Use a stylus and CND Shellac nail color in Butterfly Queen to create a rose pattern. Cure for two minutes. Apply CND Shellac Top Coat to the rose pattern. Cure for two minutes and clean the nail with 99% IPA.

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