I strongly encourage clients to either silence their phone or to keep it in their purse. I have a small sign near my nail table asking clients to please not use it during nail services. On occasion, a client might be expecting an important call, and I can respect that if she gives me a heads up. Over my 13 years as a nail tech, I can recall many times clients interrupting me so they can text. I rarely take phone calls during their service, and clients notice that and are usually happy to return the favor.
Jennie Sukovaty, Nails by Jen, Columbus, Neb.

While I don’t love when my clients use their cell phones during their manicure, I do allow it. I am a mother of two small girls, so I understand that many clients need to have their phone handy for a call from the sitter, school, or doctor. The downside is that I absolutely have had clients mess up their polish while on the phone. On the rare occasion that this happens, I will take a few moments to fix the nail.
Shannon Chomanczuk, A Polished Image, , New Windsor, N.Y.

I have framed signs that I designed hanging at my station and throughout the salon. The signs remind our clients to put away their cell phones, to leave children at home, and to please watch their language in order to respect the comfort and relaxation of our other guests. We ask our guests to step outside if they must take an important call. This has eliminated messed up nail polish and other nail mishaps.
Margaret Thomas, It’s a Secret Salon, Culver City, Calif.

I recently posted the following on my salon’s Facebook page: “It’s been with long deliberation I have finally concluded that there will be a ‘no cell phone’ policy enforced immediately. In order to do my job, I need your hands! One hour is all I’m asking for. It’s hard to do your nails while you’re moving about while texting or reaching in your purse for your phone, and it’s hard for me to answer another client’s call while you’re having a social call, talking right in my face. I’ve been tolerant with a little phone use — we all do it — but it has gotten out of hand, so I must enforce a policy now. When I’m being told to hold on a minute so you can order your dinner, yell at your kids, talk to an old friend, or yell at your insurance company it’s not OK. I apologize if I sound a bit rough, but I’ve asked nicely to put your phones away and I’ve been brushed off. You pay me to do a service and I want to give you the best service I can. I need your hands free in order to do a good job on your nails.”
Loni Preato, Da’Lonnie Hair & Nail Studio, , Las Vegas

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