Bianca Williams is a New Orleans-based nail tech who credits her social media fan base of about 40,000 followers to detailed hashtags and consistent posts of great photos. “Most people get on social media to look for something specific. Descriptive hashtags are very important,” she says.

Williams suggests tagging clear, close up shots of nails with a hashtag that includes the city of the salon you work in. In Williams’s case, the tag #NewOrleansNailTech is the secret weapon she says has generated her big following and loyal clients. “This is going to make it easier for your work to be seen, recognized, and followed,” says Williams.

Follow these steps to see how William’s created a simple yet sweet swirl design and follow her on Instagram @beedy_the_black_nail_tech to see what other hashtags she uses to share her nail art.

1. Prep the nail. Apply a base coat and allow it to dry. Apply two coats of yellow nail polish. Apply a few drops of dark blue polish in random order on the nail.

2. Immediately add more drops of polish in different shades right next to the other drops of polish making sure all the colored drops are touching. It’s important to work quickly to be sure the polish drops don’t dry.

3. Using the tip of a dotting tool or toothpick, lightly place it over the drops to move the polish in circular motion. Avoid applying too much pressure as you swirl the drops together to prevent scraping the base color.

4. Once the polish is completely dry, apply top coat.

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