You’re learning how to buff and polish, create beautiful nail art, and follow sanitation guidelines. Insurance may be the last thing on your mind. But, believe it or not, even as a student you need liability insurance to protect yourself from a lawsuit.

 There are three types of client injury that a nail professional (even a student) can be held liable for:

  • General liability includes slip and fall cases, such as a client slipping on water spilled on the floor and injuring herself.
  • Professional liability is a situation in which you made a mistake and caused the injury, such as cutting a client.
  • Product liability is when a client has a negative reaction to a product you used on her.

Comprehensive liability insurance should protect you against all three of these situations, so you won’t have to worry about being sued or paying lawyers’ fees if something goes wrong during your school activities.

Having liability insurance also helps you find a job. The beauty industry can be competitive, especially for new graduates. Listing your liability insurance membership on your resume will set you apart from other graduates by showing potential employers that you are committed to your new career, you are professional, and you take initiative.

Students are not immune to lawsuits. You are focused on following the latest nail trends, but some people think lawsuits are trendy. People sue for everything from hot coffee to car accidents. The cost of a lawsuit can destroy your credit rating, lead to future wages being garnished, or make you lose your home and car.

You have enough things to worry about at school. Don’t let a lawsuit be one of them. Getting coverage is a very small expense and will give you peace of mind so you can focus on what is truly important — graduating!

Taylor Swanson is the director of membership for Associated Nail Professionals. For more information, visit

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