Akzéntz Professional’s line of highly pigmented UV and LED curable Gel Play soak-off gels are specifically formulated with a dense paint-like consistency intended for nail art. Luxio soak-off gels protect and coat the natural nail with long-lasting color and a high-gloss finish, offering a unique alternative to polish-bottle gels, providing precision and control.

Follow these steps to see how Gina Silvestro, Akzéntz Professional International Certified Educator, executed a yellow orchid nail art design using Akzéntz Professional products.

1. Begin your gel enhancement service by sculpting a clear nail design using Pro-Formance Gels. Prep the nail and start with a thin layer of Pro-Formance Adhere. Cure for 30 seconds under an LED light or two minutes in UV light. Apply Luxio Delicate as the base color and cure for 30 seconds under an LED light or two minutes in UV light. Apply a thin layer of Luxio Electric diagonally to the tip of the nail. Before curing, create a fading effect using a Gel Art #2 brush to lightly feather the color up to the nail to blend and fade the color. You may also use the “dry brush” method by blotting your clean and dry gel brush to blend. Or you can blend the colors using a sponge. Cure.

2. Use Gel Play Paint White to create the background for the leaves. Cure. Use Gel Play Paint Yellow to add color to each petal, firmly pressing in the center for a faded and realistic effect. Cure.

3. Use Options Hypnotic Coral to add dimension to the center of the petals. Follow steps 2 and 3 to add a swirl above and below the flower if desired. Cure.

4. Outline and add detail to the flower and leaf using the Gel Art #2 brush with Gel Play Paint Black and Luxio Electric, adding small dots of Options Hypnotic Coral using a stylus tool. Cure. Apply an even layer of the top gloss of your choice including Options Clear, Luxio Gloss, Pro-Formance Ultra Gloss, or Shine-On. Cure. Cleanse the inhibition layer from the surface of the nail with Prep & Wipe, and apply cuticle oil to the nail and cuticle area.

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