Not many phrases elicit as strong a reaction as when a friend — or client — tells us she is pregnant. We feel joy, anticipation, and excitement. Your client may be feeling an additional emotion: trepidation. She may be concerned about continuing with her nail services, and she could need some assurance from you that it’s safe. Here’s how that conversation could sound:

Client: I have news! I’m pregnant!

You: That’s so wonderful! Congratulations! How are you feeling?

Client: I feel great, but I’m a little concerned. A couple of my friends said I should stop getting my nails done because the chemicals are not safe for me and my baby.

You: I hear your concern. I want you to know, the products I use are not dangerous for anyone — including women who are pregnant. But some of them are allergens, which means people could develop an allergic reaction to them. I’m always careful about keeping product off my clients’ cuticles, but I’ll be even more diligent now. In addition, I’ll use products that are free of formaldehyde and toluene, which are some of the chemicals listed as a possible concern.

Client: Great!

You: You might become more sensitive to the smell of the products during your pregnancy, so you may notice I keep my products a little farther away from you and put them away more quickly.

Client: OK, I’ll let you know if the smells bother me.

You: Also, let me know if you need more back support. I can roll up a towel to support your back during both your manicure and pedicure. I can also elevate your feet during your mani if you need me to. I want you to be comfortable.

Client: OK. Do you think I can get nail services the whole time I’m pregnant?

You: Yes, you definitely can, but you’ll notice a few changes. I’ve already mentioned a couple, but most of the changes will happen during your pedicure. The first thing you’ll notice is the water will be a bit cooler. I don’t want to use water that’s too warm because it could raise your body temperature. Plus, I won’t use any essential oils for aromatherapy because some of them can trigger bleeding. It’s not likely, but not worth the risk.

Client: Really? I had no idea!

You: Yes, actually, we’ll change your massage, too. I’m going to use a much lighter touch when I massage your feet and legs, and you’ll notice I avoid massage on the inside of the leg and at the ankle and heel area. Stimulating acupressure points in these areas can potentially induce labor or miscarriage.

Client: Wow. I’m glad you know all this. Is there anything else?

You: As far as the nail services, no. But you may find you’ll get hungry or feel dehydrated when you’re here, so I just want you to know I’ll always have fruit, juice, water, and crackers for you in case you need a little something when you’re here for two hours during your manicure and pedicure.


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