Product: Coco Gommage Scrub
Salon: Chic Nail + Beauty Bar, Haley, Idaho
Creator: Anne Mulick

Anne Mulick, a nail tech at Chic Nail + Beauty Bar, and creator of the salon’s custom scrub, says she initially developed Coco Gommage for cost purposes. Plus, she and the owner were not crazy about anything that currently existed in the market.

Gommage is the French word for scrub, and coco is an inside joke between Mulick’s mother and herself meaning XOXO. It is a coconut oil-based scrub with sugar and a hint of almond. The salon uses it during its spa pedicure service and clients are able to buy a container to take home or give as a gift. This fall the salon also featured a pumpkin spice scrub, which is made with pumpkin puree and spices.

Product: Nail polishes, candles, nail oils and body polishes
Salon: Gloss Nail Bar, Miami
Owner: Sandra Weir

The line, created by Gloss Nail Bar owner Sanda Weir, was crafted with purity and wellness in mind. Weir found that when her teenage daughter started to frequent nail salons, it resulted in brittle and broken nails. When Weir inspected product ingredients, she was troubled to find a list of harsh and potentially harmful chemicals. Weir decided to create custom products that reflected her dedication to healthy and luxurious salon alternatives.

The line includes more than 100 polishes, a body mist of 100% blended essential oils, body lotions in rosemary-mint and vanilla-tangerine, a sugar body polish with essential oils, foaming bath salts to help detoxify the body, natural soy nail polish remover, and soy-based candles.

Product: Ambiance Elegance scrubs, salts, and lotions
Salon: Ambiance Spa & Wellness Centre, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Owner: Tammy Deacon

Owner Tammy Deacon explains that her day spa, Ambiance Spa & Wellness Centre, was using DoTerra essential oils as much as possible, so using them during manicure and pedicure treatments as well made sense. DoTerra’s oils are 100% natural with no fillers, which is why they are so effective, Deacon says. However the company does not make scrubs and lotions, so Deacon decided to make her own.

Because she wanted to give clients a decadent experience while using products that are as just as effective, Deacon decided to incorporate these scented scrubs and lotions in the salon’s manicure and pedicure services. The salon offers salts, scrubs, and lotions in scents such as wild orange, peppermint, and lavender.

Product: Custom scrubs and lotions
Salon: 3152 Studio, Wyandotte, Mich.
Owners: Tricia Raymond and Cassie Jolliffe Hawrylak

In 2013, the owners of 3152 Studio made the decision to create their own line of lotions and scrubs. They wanted a paraben- and alcohol-free product to carry and use in-house. The idea was to accommodate clients with sensitivity, as well as offer a higher-quality product at a comparable price. The lotions and sugar scrubs contain high-quality ingredients such as lanolin, aloe vera, vitamin A & E, coconut oil, and jojoba. Clients with severe dry skin and eczema have had wonderful results using these products. Owners Tricia Raymond and Cassie ­Jolliffe Hawrylak enjoy being able to create new scents, and the clients are always excited to see what new seasonal scents they are offering. They explain that the products make great gifts and are a perfect way to support Michigan and local business. 

The salon’s four staple scents are Creamy Coconut, Cotton Blossom, Sweet Pea, and Pink Sugar. They also carry unscented products for those who are fragrance sensitive. Some examples of seasonal scents are Cucumber Melon, Mango Coconut, Sugar Cookie, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Spiced Cranberry.

Product: Live Pure skin care products
Salon: Lori Esthetics & Nail Design Studio, Langenburg,
Saskatchewan, Canada
Owner: Lori Peterson

Lori Peterson, the creator the Live Pure line of skin care products, explains that she was always fascinated with the beauty industry while growing up. As a child she made her own perfumes and mud masks, and constantly painted her nails. After taking a course on how to make her own skin care products — and much practice — Peterson launched the Live Pure Natural Skin Care line in 2011. Peterson is also dabbling in aromatherapy products, her own line of polishes, and mineral makeup.

The Live Pure product line includes many products such as sugar scrubs, oils, body butters, and balms. With carefully selected organic ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, macadamia nut oil, and rosemary extract, Peterson makes her products in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. The customer favorites are the body and foot balms in peppermint, vanilla, and unscented, and her lip balms. ­Peterson uses her products during her services and retails, often creating seasonal items and products for special occasions.

Product: Maple Bacon and Sweet Tea with Lemon Foot Creams
Salon: Nail Yeah!, Raleigh, N.C.
Owner: Crystal Clark

Crystal Clark, the owner of Nail Yeah!, says she likes to know what is in her products. She tries to steer clear of products with parabens, and eventually she decided it was easier for her to create her own line than looking carefully for brands to purchase. That, along with a desire to make signature scents associated with her southern state, was enough to bring Maple Bacon and Sweet Tea With Lemon Foot Creams to life.

With familiar scents and an element of fun, the creams have extra jojoba oil in the lotion base to give more slip and added moisture. Clark says new clients love to talk about the smells and love that they can have exclusive scents from Nail Yeah! at their home.

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