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Cool Combos

by NLS Staff | November 26, 2014

Self's November 2014 issue lets us know when to go bold with fresh fall shades for lips and manis. This is a great way to express individuality. Combos include:

1. Preppy Cool

For greige polish and a peony lipstick that flatters both light and dark skin tones, go with Dior nail oplish in Pied-de-Poule and Revlon lipstick in Ready to Wear. 

2. Modern Reds

Red on red can be a thing with Essie nail polish in Dress to Kilt and Aveda lipstick in Sheer Fig.

3. Jewel Tones

Deep colors go great with dark skin. Try OPI nail polish in Do You Have This Color in Stockholm? and Avon lipstick in Power Plum. 

4. Pretty in Pastel

Lighter colors go great with warm fall colors for a look good for any season. What works is Sally Hansen gel nail polish in Sugar Fix and Chantecaille lipstick in Fairy Moss. 


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New KUPA E-file Features Bluetooth Capability

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New KUPA E-file Features Bluetooth Capability

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KUPA’s long awaited keynote today revealed the MANIPro Passport Plus, the latest e-file from the brand. The machine was inspired by high-end luxury items such as designer perfume and a Montblanc pen. The new machine is digital, as opposed to analog.

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