Bet you’ve never seen press-on nails that look like this before. Created by nail tech So Yong Yu using Dashing Diva’s Virtual Nail Tips, these full coverage nails can be applied by time-pressed clients at home. According to Yu — a Dashing Diva educator and owner of Serene Nails and Day Spa in Killeen, Texas — the tips appeal to clients who don’t have time to sit in the salon for a lengthy service, who can’t wear their nail extensions for too long, or who want to wear nails only for a special event. “They’re great for nurses who are not allowed to wear artificial nails at work,” says Yu. “Also, they’re good for military personnel. I’m in a military town. The women can’t wear long, colorful nails or funky designs, but they still want to look pretty for the weekend or while they’re on leave.”

Long distance customer service isn’t hard. The nail tech sizes her client with the Virtual Nail Tips when she’s at the salon and keeps the information on file. Knowing her client’s style, the tech can then work on the nail tips and mail them to her. There are several ways to affix the nails, says Yu. You can use Virtual Bond (double-sided sticky tape) that generally lasts five to seven days. Nail glue is another option for a longer hold. You can also use Dashing Diva’s Nail Guard on the nail, then use glue on top of that. To remove the nails, the client can work them loose with acetone or cuticle oil. Yu walks her clients through a step-by-step application process either in the salon, on the phone, or through FaceTime. The price depends on the complexity of the design, usually starting at around $50.

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