The creative minds at San Francisco’s TopCoat Nail Studio were put to the test earlier this year when the city’s Asian Art Museum and Museum of Modern Art commissioned them to create nail art pieces inspired by artworks from a joint exhibition called “Gorgeous.” The exhibition was intended to explore the extremes of beauty, combining exceptional artworks from the acclaimed collections of both museums to challenge preconceptions of what constitutes the beauty.

“We couldn’t be more proud of the work we did with Asian Art Museum,” says TopCoat founder and CEO Ali Wiezbowski. “We partnered with local friends, creatives, and visionaries to create an incredible set of images that represent the essence of those original artworks through a more modern medium.”


Nail artist: Sonia “G” Molina

Materials: Acrylic, glitter, Swarovski crystals, false eyelash, wire, acrylic paint, coffee grinds, pearls, water

Photographer: Ashley Batz

Original Artwork Credits: Strut, 2004–2005, by Marilyn Minter. Enamel on metal. © Marilyn Minter. Courtesy of the artist, SFMOMA, and Salon 94, New York.



Nail artist: Sonia “G” Molina

Materials: Aluminum foil, super glue, gold foiling, studs, Swarovski crystals, Essie polish

Photographer: Ashley Batz

Hair & Make-Up: Katie Nash; Model: Lizzie Gunst

Original Artwork Credits: Ceremonial alms bowl with stand, approx. 1850–1950. Burma. Lacquered and gilded bamboo, wood, and ferrous metal with mirrored and nonmirrored glass. Courtesy of Asian Art Museum.



Nail artist: Parris Hodges

Materials: Gold leaf, Marx Jacobs Nail Lacquer, Illamasqua Nail Varnish, Formula X Nail Polish, and Floss Gloss Nail Laquer

Hair & Make-Up: Ricardo “Lola Rabbit” Alvarez; Model: Ricardo “Lola Rabbit” Alvarez

Original Artwork Credits: Noh robe (karaori type), approx. 1926–1975. Japan; probably Kyoto. Twill-weave silk with brocaded silk and gold foil-coated paper. Courtesy of Asian Art Museum.



Nail artist: Sonia “G” Molina

Materials: Wire, glue, Essie nail polish

Photographer: Ashley Batz; Model: Charlene Dobbs

Original Artwork Credits: Fantastic to Feel Beautiful Again, 1997, by Tracey Emin. Neon. Collection SFMOMA. © 2014 Tracey Emin. All rights reserved, DACS, London / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.


Nail artist: Sonia “G” Molina

Materials: Acrylic, glitter, crystal chain, acrylic paint, coffee grounds, gel, water

Photographer: Ashley Batz

Original Artwork Title: Centipede, by Marilyn Minter. [Note: Centipede was not actually part of the exhibition but was included in a set featuring Strut-inspired nails.]

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