Pavé’s Crystal Pedicure nail appliqués are made with genuine crystals that provide the fire and brilliance of the finest Austrian crystal stones. The appliqués can be applied in under 10 minutes with no top coat needed and can last up to four weeks. The 1.5 mm diameter crystals are available in more than a dozen colors. Follow these steps for an aquamarine embellished pedicure with Pavé.

1. Apply fresh nail polish on the nails and let it dry completely so the polish is no longer tacky to the touch. If applying gel-polish, remove the inhibition layer and lightly buff to get rid of the shine.

2. Apply an even layer of brush-on adhesive. Be careful not to flood the cuticle and sidewall area. Allow fumes to evaporate from the adhesive layer. You may lightly fan it but do not allow the adhesive to dry.

3. Peel the appliqué from the backing and center it on the nail, aligning the first row of stones along the free edge of the nail.

4. Stick the appliqué to the sides of the toe, similar to how you might secure a sculpting form.

5. Using the fleshy part of your thumb, apply even pressure to the appliqué ensuring the stones are in full contact with the surface of the nail. Use an orangewood stick to apply pressure to the stones near the cuticle and sidewall areas.

6. Beginning at one side of the nail, slowly peel the appliqué away from you. If you see stones that are still stuck to the backing, lay the backing back down and press firmly on the stone with the orangewood stick. Repeat this process across the nail as you remove the appliqué backing. No top coat is needed.

7. Advise your client to treat her new Pavé Crystal Pedicure with care for the next 24 hours while the adhesive continues to cure.

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