UV-protecting Collagen Gloves from Voesh provide deep-moisturizing skin care, cuticle treatment, and UV protection, all in a single pair of gloves. The collagen and vitamin E emulsion inside the glove hydrates effectively, cutting the need for additional moisturizer, cuticle oil, and even paraffin.

Collagen Gloves feature a dual-layered material and are perforated at the fingertips, which allows the technician to simply rip off the tips of the glove to perform a manicure while the hands are still getting moisturized. The outer material is 99% UV protective, freeing gel-polish clients of any worry about UV or LED light exposure. Simply keep the gloves on during the curing process.

Additionally, the non-woven fabric inner lining is non-abrasive to the skin, so the technician can remove the glove from the client’s hand (inside out), and “wear” them, while performing a massage to the elbow with the remaining product left inside the glove.

For more information, go to www.voesh.com.

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