More and more salon owners and mobile technicians are adding quick manicure services to their menus so customers can stop by on a lunch break and freshen up their nails. These services generally offer the full service of a regular manicure, just shortened. Plus, with a finishing spray or quick-dry drops, customers are on their way in a fraction of the time.


Quick Coat Mani

Base Coat Nail Salon, Denver

Time: 15 minutes

Cost: $20

This Quick Coat Mani is perfect for clients on the go. The service includes a quick hand soak, nail shaping, light cuticle care, and ends with a choice of polish or buff. If customers come in for a lunchtime quickie service during the week between noon and 2 p.m., they can also receive a discount.


Everyday Mani

Manicube, New York, Boston, Chicago

Time: 15 minutes

Cost: $12-$15

Katina Mountanos and Liz Whitman, founders of Manicube, offer quick, high-quality manicures to busy women at their place of work in the New York, Boston, and Chicago areas. The signature manicure is fast, full service, and includes shaping, buffing, light cuticle grooming, polish, a quick-dry top coat, and quick-dry drops.


Mini Mani

Mani Pedi Plus, North Bay, Ontario

Time: 30 minutes

Cost: $22

This is a perfect mini manicure for a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. Get a quick manicure fix with a soak, file, cut, cuticle care, and polish application. Owner Lauire Lafontaine says if clients splurge for a gel manicure with their Mini Mani, it makes the service that much quicker.


Mini Manicure

Tip to Toe Mobile Nails, Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, U.K.

Time: 20-30 minutes

Cost: £8 and up

This mobile nail tech brings nail services to clients’ homes, offices, or holiday accommodations in the U.K. Louise Chapman’s Mini Manicure is perfect for those on the go who don’t have the time for a full manicure, those who like to switch up their polish regularly, or those who can’t get out of the office for a salon visit. The service includes light shaping, buffing, polish, and the option of nail art.


Chop Chop Manicure

One Carat Mani & Pedi, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Time: 25 minutes

Cost: $18

This quick manicure service includes nail clipping, shaping to a round or square shape, cuticle buffing, a two-minute massage, warm towels, and polish. When drying the polish, owner Kakao Sato uses cold air rather than hot to prevent the polish from bubbling during dry time. The salon sees many clients for this service on their lunch break.


Quickie Manicure

Static Salon & Spa, Long Beach, Calif.

Time: 60 minutes

Cost: $24

Angela Knott, a nail technician at Static Salon & Spa, provides a Quickie Manicure. The service takes just one hour, compared to the salon’s 90-minute Ritual Manicure, and includes nail shaping, some light cuticle care, and a short and sweet hand massage. It finishes with a choice of a polish or just a buff. 


Signature Manicure

MiniLuxe, Boston

Time: 30 minutes

Cost: $19

The anything-but-basic Signature Manicure is the perfect way for customers to treat themselves. Nails are shaped and buffed. Cuticles are cleaned and cut with sterilized implements to ensure an ultra-hygienic experience. Hands are massaged with paraben-free, MiniLuxe-formulated Hand and Body Cream. To top it off, nails are polished with a color of choice.


Ten Minute Manicure

:10/Minute Manicure, Miami, Toronto

Time: 10 minutes

Cost: $15

This 10-minute service is featured at the Miami International Airport and the Toronto International Airport. During the :10 Minute Manicure, nail techs remove polish, apply cuticle softener, file nails, buff the cuticle, add a base coat, two coats of polish, a top coat, and a quick-dry spray so that travelers are on their way after 10 actual minutes.


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