The most memorable thank you I received from a student was when she asked me to be the godmother of her beautiful son, who ended up being born on my birthday, March 29th. It made me feel so special.

— Terrie Travisono (A.K.A. Ms. T.) Palm Beach State College Nail Specialty Program, Lake Worth, Fla.

The most memorable thank you was from an ESL student who barely spoke English but worked extremely hard throughout the course. She’d just passed the written exam and burst into tears thanking me for being patient and helping her. She apologized constantly for what she thought was the “trouble” she caused for me.  In my eyes, it was no trouble; this is what I do, and I feel honored to be in a position to work with someone and bring understanding. It tests my communication skills. It’s funny, because I often feel like I’m playing charades while trying to explain something, but when they get it, it’s awesome!

— Jessica Taylor, Honolulu Nail Academy, Honolulu

I think the most memorable thank you I have received was when a student grabbed me, swung me around, planted a kiss on my cheek, and said, “Thank you! You're an awesome teacher!” She was crying, I was crying. Then I said, “You are very welcome, but you did all the work. You were an awesome student.” She then went into her purse and pulled out a $50 Tim Hortons gift card and said, "Here, this is for you." so I then reached behind my desk and gave her a bag full of nail goodies, and that was it. She was crying again! That was the best thank you I have received. When I cry, you know it’s a great thank you!

— Charlotte Rauch, owner/operator/director of education, Tuff Enuff Nails, Ontario, Canada

Most of my students have shown their appreciation in some way when they have completed the nail program. The most memorable thank you I ever received from a student was a wonderful plaque with the inscription: 

“To Royan Williams, Thank you, for tolerating me and making it possible for me as no one else has ever done. You are the best #1 nail technician teacher. Your capabilities, knowledge, and wisdom will always be remembered. Jannie Boyd, 1993.”

To this day I cherish it and keep it in my office to remind me to continue to be humble and help my students as much as I can. I have received many nice gifts cards and thank you notes from my students, but that’s the one that stands out the most. These are the things that make teaching students who appreciate my help so rewarding.

— Royan Williams, Chicago Nail School, Chicago

I have to say my most memorable thank you was in a beginner’s 3-D nail art class I was teaching in Orlando, Fla. We had about 22 students, and in the middle of class, a student walked out. We all thought she went to the restroom, but she didn’t return and it had been at least 15 or 20 minutes. I went to look for her and found her in the courtyard; she was upset and crying. I was alarmed, and the first thing she said was, “I feel so stupid! I’ve been doing nails for over 15 years, and now I can’t even make a tiny little leaf or a dot look right. What is wrong with me?” I was relieved that the crying was not from a tragic phone call she had received and it was just that she felt defeated and lacked confidence in her ability to understand the 3-D technique and concept. So of course, I calmed her down and told her to take her time to come back into the class and just relax and stop comparing herself to the other students. I told her to take a step back and be patient, and if it didn’t work one way, not to give up, but just try again using less or more product and pressure.

So she sat quietly and continued to practice along with all the other students, and I continued to walk around the classroom to help others who were struggling. Everyone in the class was really focused and stressed, and probably hungry and tired, but then all of a sudden, after 15 minutes of this woman returning to the lesson, she yelled out, “Oh, my God, I got it! I really got it now! At that moment, everyone cheered, and relief and happy laughter filled the room. It was so great to know that no matter how much experience or creativity you have, there is still so much to learn and many ways to reinvent your skills and knowledge and many ways to challenge yourself. After our 10-hour course, we did a graduation ceremony, and when I called her name, tears of joy just poured from her eyes and she thanked me like she’d hit the lottery jackpot. She thanked me for believing in her and having the patience to push her and boost her confidence! It was great — everyone in that classroom left with tears of joy!

— Sindy Mark, Nail Art Academy, Las Vegas

The best thank you I ever received from a student was this: “This course changed my life! It’s WAY more than just a Nail Certification Course. When I came to school my life was a mess — bad relationships, struggling financially and alcohol/drugs. Now I have so much more confidence, and to top it off, I own my own suite rental. I’ve been getting rid of the negative relationships in my life, my income is great, I can support my kids, and I really have no desire to drink or use drugs. The instructors at Elite Nail School not only teach the curriculum, but way beyond that. You teach us how to love ourselves, be confident, and not allow others to define who we become. You challenge us and hold us accountable, and I needed that — even if at the time I didn't like it. Thanks so much!”

— Georgianna Halverson, Director/Owner, Elite Nail School and Training Center

I have many memorable thank you experiences from my students. I love to help my students as much as I can so they can be successful. Many times, even beyond graduation, I try to assist them with any challenges they may encounter skill-wise or finding a job. My greatest satisfaction and best gratification that I can get is my students completing the program and getting registered in the State of Florida. I work in a diverse environment, and one of my most memorable student “thank you” experiences is when an Egyptian student of mine brought several trays of assorted Egyptian food to share with me and the entire class. Thanks to her we had a feast of succulent and exquisite food. There was so much food that we shared with other classes. This experience was totally unforgettable!

— Billy Anthony Rivera, Beauty Schools of America, Miami

The most memorable thank you gifts that I get are hugs, letters, emails, etc. from techs who tell me how learning to do nails properly saved their career and made things possible. From single moms being able to afford bills, to second careers that got off the ground making health treatments for a family member an option, each of them touches my heart and inspires me to continue to give back to the industry as much as possible.

— Holly L. Schippers, CND Education Ambassador, FingerNail Fixer, Bussey, Iowa


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