Frenchie’s Modern Nail Care uses: Footlogix Foot Soak; OPI Cucumber Scrub, Masque, and Massage Lotion; fresh sliced cucumbers, pH balancing agent, base coat, polish, top coat, Frank Sinatra music.

1. Offer the client a beverage. Soak the client’s feet for five minutes in a footbath of Footlogix Foot Soak and fresh cucumbers. File nails and perform cuticle care. Reduce calluses with a disposable foot file.
2. To slough away dead skin, massage a scoop of OPI Cucumber Scrub onto one moistened foot and leg up to the knee, using both hands. Repeat on the other foot and leg, and rinse.

3. Dry the feet and apply a thin, even layer of OPI Cucumber Masque. Wrap the feet in warm towels for five minutes. 4. Remove the mask with the towels, and then rinse in warm water.
5. Unwrap one foot and perform a seven-minute massage with OPI Cucumber Massage Lotion. Repeat on the other foot.

6. Cleanse the nails and apply a pH balancing agent. Apply base coat, polish, and top coat.


Price $50

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