Pre-Book It.

I take three weeks off every August, and all my clients know at the beginning of May to pre-book their appointments from then until I get back so no one misses appointments. It has worked for the last four years for me.

Sheila Colpitts, Nails Edge, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


I always clue my clients in about a month in advance. If they are standing appointments, I will move them to a new spot before it’s taken and ask them if that works. I also update my Facebook page to remind everyone.

Ashley Staie, Ashley’s Nails, Beaver Street Styles, LLC, Flagstaff, Ariz.


I’m lucky to take a weekend off. I have been doing this since 2004 and this the first year I am taking a one-week vacation. I have just warned all my clients that I’m going, and they have all been more than understanding about it, but it also helps to have standing appointment clients, so this isn’t too much hassle. About 95% of my clients book a year in advance and I love that!

Cynthia Shepheard McCormack, Red Salon, Hurley, Miss.


I give at least a six-month warning and get them to pre-book all their appointments up until then. I post a sign in my shop, on my Facebook page, and on my website to ensure everyone is informed.

Tania Rice, Certified Esthetics, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


Juggle It.

If your clients come every two weeks, move them to three weeks, and it will give you a week to take off for vacation.

Barbara Thompson Miles, Philadelphia


I let them know as soon as I book my vacation. But I never take more than a few days, so I miss the end of one week and the beginning of the next. The clients balance out. Or I’ll work extra hours to fit in the ones who will miss their day.

Bri McCloud, Cloud Nine Nails, Athens, Tenn.


I calculate and warn clients about one or two months in advance for them to set up appointments before I go, and when I return I work six days a week instead of five to be able to see everybody.

Philomène Datgirl Ankouniasa, TK, TK, France


No Time Off!

I haven’t had more than two days off in three years! I’m hoping to manage a week this year.

Suzanne Stewart Clayton, Souz Nails & Beauty, Toddington, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


It’s very hard for me to take more than a week. Sometimes it’s not worth going away because I’m so booked the week leading up to the vacation and the week coming back. I’m lucky that I love my job 20-plus years later!

Michelle Martin, Hair Together, Old Bridge, N.J.


I struggle taking off even one day — nevermind a week. And when I get back, it’s chaos!

Chédene Heenop, Charmeur Hair & Beauty, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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