Sally Parks, owner of Plum Natural Nail Spa ( in Austin, Texas, is enjoying her 30 seconds of fame — in the form of a national TV commercial for Planter’s Peanuts that was filmed in her salon.  “I was contacted by a location scout who was pointed to us by his wife,” says Parks. “I was paid for the use of our space. Let’s just say the amount covered my lost revenue and employee wages for the day — plus some!”

The production was surprisingly large, involving five or six big trucks, craft services, and 30 to 40 people onsite. “From the time I talked to the scout to filming it was about a week, so there was not a lot of time to prepare,” says Parks. “The director and production crew were very respectful and kept me engaged the whole time. I helped them get the extras set up, and they even used several items from the salon as props.” (The sharp-eyed among you will recognize the actors on Continuum Footspas’ Vantage Plus pedicure chairs.)

“Our clients have been very excited for us and I’ve gotten so many texts from friends who saw the commercial on TV,” she says. “You can’t really see much of the salon, but it was still just a really cool experience and it is surreal seeing my place on TV.”

You can watch the commercial by clicking here.

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